2nd Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

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I do quarterly goals instead of monthly or yearly goals. Three months is long enough that I can keep an eye on my overall vision, and short enough that I can regularly evaluate and make adjustments when life throws a curveball.

My writing goal the first quarter was to re-outline and rewrite my WIP novel, The Witch of the Manor House. Done!

Done! (Cheers, yodels, and general celebration.)

My BLL (Big Lesson Learned) first quarter: I should keep track of word count so my middle doesn’t get bloated. (I mean the middle of my novel, not my gut, though it’s probably wise to keep track of my gut, too.)

This quarter, I want to:

1. By the end of April, polish first 5000 words of Manor House. I will turn in this sample writing to the Horror Writers Association in hopes of entering their mentorship program.

2. By the end of May, complete first edit of Manor.

3. In June, attack (like an animal, grrrr!) whatever assignment my mentor gives me.

4. Make deep, focused work a daily habit. If you want to work in a more focused way when you write, like I’m trying to do, Deep Work, by Cal Newport, is a good resource.

5. Outside of my WIP, study the craft three hours per week every week of this quarter. I’m off to a good start with Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, by Roy Peter Clark.

6. Read through my already-bought TBR and attack my to-purchase (or borrow) TBR as practicable.

7. Attend the 2019 Roanoke Author Invasion (only as a reader, sigh, but some day . . . ) and meet really cool authors. Done!

Done! (More cheers, jigs, and woots!)

At the Roanoke Author Invasion last week I met super cool writers like the bilingual, Norse-knowledgeable Tina Glasneck and the creative, multi-genre C.L. Williams. I found out C.L. Williams only lives a stone’s throw away from me (small world!). I’ll have to do a blog post on the RAI, because I learned a lot.

If you’re a goal-setting kind of person, best of luck this month or quarter on your goals!

43 thoughts on “2nd Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

  1. It’s always awesome when you can make goals and stick with them.It sounds like you have already met some of them and are on track for more. Way to go! Measuring steps is a great way to push forward and succeed. I need to make a list myself!

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  2. Setting quarterly goals sounds like a great idea, and it clearly worked for you. I’ve never yodeled in celebration before (or much at all, really), but I’m doing so now for you. Yodel-a-ee-ho-de-liddle-lay-de-doo! Congrats on hitting your goals!

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  3. What’s TBR? Also, if you want volunteer readers for Witch of the Manor House, I’ll take one for the team! 😉 Seriously though, I’ll volunteeer.

    I’ll be interested to read your post about the Roanoke Author Invasion and Tina Glasneck. Bilingual people fascinate me. Bilingualism is a skill I covet!

    Have a great day and a great week!

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    1. Ooo, a volunteer beta reader, and I didn’t even have to twist your arm, thanks.:-)

      TBR: To Be Read. It’s that pile of books (or list of ebooks) that sits in the corner and gives you the evil eye every time you walk past.

      Have a great day ‘n’ week yourself, and thanks for popping in!


  4. I admire a person / author who sets writing goals and keeps them in sight. My only goal is to get my manuscript polished by “attacking” it with various methods and at different times. Congratulations on finishing your first quarter and for setting your next. Hopefully it’ll be met with the same success.

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  5. Congratulations on finishing your first goal. Good luck with the others, especially if you end up winning a mentorship with the Horror Writers’ Association!

    Keep smiling,

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      1. I’m three hours away, according to Google. I love those type of events. Today we had ChocolateFest. I wonder how it turned out because we had a wind advisory up to 1pm today.

        Keep smiling,

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  6. This is such a good idea, Priscilla. I should really start writing down my own goals, instead of just keeping them in my mind. It they’re written down, they’re not as easy to ignore – to me, anyway. Good luck – looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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  7. Good luck with your goals, Priscilla. It sounds like you are already off to a good start. I think that working with a mentor would be a fantastic experience. Keep us posted!

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  8. Hello, Priscilla! You have such a smart process. I think you’d make a terrific mentor after this process. Congratulations on finishing the outlining and rewriting of your WIP. I wish you all the best on getting your goals met. Happy writing and editing! ❤

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  9. I love that you manage your goals by quarters. I’m so adopting this brilliant strategy I wish I had thought of earlier. That makes it so much more doable. Easier to break down exactly what needs to get done by a certain point. Glad you shared this. Very helpful!

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    1. I learned to do quarterly goals from a book called The 12-Week Year by Moran and Lennington. Another thing I learned from the book is to review my progress every week. It really helps to keep me focused and to remember to schedule in some fun time.:-) Thanks for commenting, Courtney!


  10. Wow – you’re a writing machine! I love creating goals too, and while I never seem to achieve them all, at least I get some done and I feel like I’m going in the “write” direction. I feel inspired by your different goals. Maybe it’s time for me to update mine. Cool post :o)

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  11. I’m trying to finish my summer goals post now which I have been working since early June LOL! I’m also hope to study the craft more and make my daily writing more efficient 🙂 I’ll add “Writing Tools” to my TBR since you liked it 🙂 Hope you post about the 2019 Roanoke Author Invasion and best of luck with Horror Writers Association’s mentorship program. Please keep us posted about this too!

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