The Freakiest Thing That Ever Happened at Work

Image of field with a dark shadow figure

I was working outside in a park where sounds dissipate rather than echo off walls like inside a building. The nearest person was my boss on my left side, about six yards away. What I thought was a tall teenage boy leaned over my right shoulder and, half-giggling, yelled, “Boo!” He then let out an airy haaa sound as his voice sped away.

I startled and spun around to say, “Hoho, you got me!” But there was no one there. I had turned around immediately, so there’s no way someone could have run away so fast. I asked my boss if he had said anything to me. No, he hadn’t said anything, hadn’t moved, hadn’t seen anyone approach me.

My skin was tingling, and I was sweating.

To answer the obvious question, yes, people have passed away in that park, but I couldn’t find any news of teenagers who had passed away there. My skin was tingling, and I was sweating. In short, I was freaked out.

But my experience was nothing like what a young man, related to me by marriage, experienced out in the oil field where he and his partner were working. One day a dark figure started following them around, darting closer then dashing off. The figure was so dark they couldn’t make out any details, so incredibly dark it was like a hole in space. The two men got the impression the figure was male even though they couldn’t see the face. And this guy was fast. They chased him a few times, but he would suddenly be way off to the left, then behind them, then way off to the right.

The next day, back at the same field, they saw the dark figure again. This time they chased him with the truck and a camera. The figure was just as fast and impossible to catch. Still, they got a few photos from different angles and locations. With permission, I used the best picture for the feature image of today’s post. (The dark figure is on the horizon, a little off center.)

The figure looks cartoon-like with square shoulders, a big head, and a hat (if you blow it up, it looks like the figure is wearing a hat). Did either man go back to that field a third time? Noooo, and one of them quit soon after.

Experiences that energize a horror author’s creativity.

Whether or not there are logical audio and visual causes for these freaky work place occurrences, in other words whether these are paranormal events or natural events, doesn’t matter. These are the sorts of real-life experiences that energize a horror author’s creativity. You can bet disembodied, giggly voices and hat-man shadow figures will show up in my future writing!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! When my sons were young, we would sit around a campfire nearly every night during summer and I encouraged them to tell ‘scary stories’. I wanted them to explore their imaginations. Those were some of the best times of our lives!

    I am so glad to have found your blog! I look forward to reading through it!

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  2. Oh, the stories I could tell from my work as a 3rd shift nurse in a long term care facility! While I never felt uneasy, the experiences did make me very aware of my surroundings ~ especially as someone was nearing death.

    Very cool picture and post!

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  3. I was at a wedding last week. Some of the conversations I was involved in were situations similar to yours. Things that happened to people that shouldn’t happen but did.

    I have always felt we only know a fraction of the world around us. Some of us get a peak into that other world. Maybe you were one of them.

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    1. i am surprised whenever I’m in a group (at a party or something), and someone says something about a unusual experience, and EVERYone chimes in with their experiences. It’s like everybody has had something bizarre happen, but no one will talk about it without prompting. Thanks for commenting, Kevin.:-)

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  4. My boyfriend saw this thing standing in the corner of my bed room, right next to my bed, while I was asleep. I pray I don’t ever see the Hat Man and I can only imagine what would have happened if I woke up and saw it myself. After hearing about that incident I haven’t been able to sleep since.

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      1. it was definitely was to hear about especially with the description that he gave me ( the one that he saw had a long nose, a fedora with a trench coat possibly dating back to the 50’s or 60’s, no red eyes, and in the back of my mind I was thinking that was a demon). I kind of wished he would’ve never told me about it. At first I didn’t believe him and thought he was joking, until I looked more into it and saw that it is a very real occurrence.

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  5. Ooh! That was creepy! I love reading strange and terrifying things even though I’m terrified by them! But don’t we all?

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      1. I’ve recently been reading a lot more horror and I’ve actually been liking some of the stories that I’ve read so far.

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