4th Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

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It’s October and time to blog my fourth quarter writing goals . . . because nothing says PRESSURE and ACCOUNTABILITY like announcing to God and the whole world what your goals are.

But first, what were the wins and losses for my 3rd quarter goals?

1. Finish another draft of of my WIP Manor House while telling myself it’s okay even if I have to do sixteen more drafts.

Fail, but I almost made it. I had to overflow into October. Lordy, I hope I don’t have to do sixteen more drafts, but I can already tell I need yet another one . . .

2. Do whatever writing assignments my wonderful writing mentor suggests.

We worked on my current Manor House draft. I’ve been addressing all her suggestions. I’m a logical person, really. I put socks on before I put on my shoes. So why has she found so many logic errors in my storytelling? Anyway, win.:-)

3. Research China and bugs for my November Nanowrimo book.

Done. (Interesting stuff!)

(The feature image . . . fall is football season, “fourth quarter.” Um, yeah.)

4. Read through my already-bought TBR and attack my to-purchase (or borrow) TBR as practicable.

I read twenty-one books third quarter. I call that a win.

5. Study the craft of writing three hours per week.

For nine weeks of the quarter I did study three hours per week, and for four weeks of the quarter I didn’t, so technically a fail, but not disastrously so. This goal is going back on the list because I think I need both studying (learning) and practicing (typing out stories) to improve as a writer.

Annnd my fourth quarter goals:

1. Outline Nanowrimo book. I was getting discouraged at my slow progress in this whole writing venture until I realized that I understand story structure a lot better than I did a year ago. Happy dance.:-)

2. Win Nanowrimo with 50,000 words in one month. This is nuts (and FUN), but I’m joining 300,000 other nutty people, so it’s all good (and FUN).

3. Read twelve new horror releases. (A lot of horror novels are released fourth quarter. Hmm, must have something to do with Halloween!)

4. Write two short stories.

5. Read two books on the writing craft. I’ve chosen Rayne Hall’s Writing Gothic Fiction to start with.

6. Study one older horror novel.

I wish you the best on your writing goals!

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30 thoughts on “4th Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

  1. It’s so cool that you post your goals and hold yourself accountable. I would say you’re kicking butt on accomplishments and are bringing a hardline offense on what you still want to achieve. I love that you’re not rushing your release, Too many writers plow through their draft(s) and toss the book out there before it’s ready.

    Super excited you’re doing NaNo (I’m one of those nutty people), and dang, you are reading up a storm! I admit that I avoid most craft books. There was a time in my life when I devoured them one after another until I got too hung up on the nuts-and-bolts. I have a few on my list I want to read but it is a HUGE step for me to venture in that direction again. Whenever I do I plan to start with S.King’s book. I’ve had a hard copy on my shelf from the month it was released, and still haven’t worked up the nerve, LOL!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Mae.

      That’s funny about your relationship with craft books.:-) If the King book is the one I’ve read, it’s more of a chat or a philosophy, nothing to be scared of.

      I’m glad you stopped by!

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  2. I’m with Mae on craft books, except I’ve never read any except King’s On Writing. You’re right, Priscilla — it’s not really a “how-to” book. It motivated me to sit down and write, whereas the others I took a peek into made me feel that no matter what I wrote, it would be substandard. I’m not doing NaNo (not formally, anyway), but I’ll be rooting for you and cheering from the sidelines!

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  3. It is great to have goals, Priscilla. I set goals too, usually at the beginning of the year. My novella is now going to be a novel so I also have a lot of work ahead of me but it is so exciting and I am so inspired. Thank you to my editor, Esther Chilton for her great comments. I have decided I am a bit like a hunting dog. I need to be pointed in the right direction and I am off.

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    1. I used to set yearly goals, but then I’d get kinda lost if something went amiss mid year. That’s why I switched to quarterly goals.

      Sounds like Ms. Chilton is a fab editor!

      Best of luck with your novel!

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      1. Thank you for the kind words, Jessica. Scatterguns, specific goals . . . whatever works! And, haha, I didn’t even notice the “you’re” until you pointed it out! (Probably an auto-correct with “determined” right after it.) Thanks for commenting.:-)

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  4. I love how you post these goals, Priscilla. I keep telling myself I should do something similar, but I’ve failed so far. I may be one of those nutty people during NaNo also – need to do more prep work, and hoping I can find the time. It’s wonderful there are so many new horror books to choose from!

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    1. And such a variety of new books, too. I’m reading Stoker’s Wilde by Hopstaken and Prusi, and it’s written in old-timey language in epistolary form. Kinda cool!

      Good luck if you decide to do Nano, and thanks for stopping by, Teri!

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  5. Aakkk! Bug research? I like to think that I’m not terribly squeamish, Priscilla… but a couple of times in my life I’ve run across a creepy-crawly so strange looking I went through volumes of bugs trying to identify it. My skin crawled for days! LOL
    Yet I’ve spent even more time researching cat poop… so I guess we each have our own “skin crawly thresholds.”
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the NaNoWriMo preparations! I’ve been in research geek heaven all week. (Since I finally got off the fence and decided to go for it.) Hugs on the wing!

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    1. Bug research makes one very jumpy. I see a tiny little spider out of the corner of my eye, and I yelp. (And I like spiders, really.) Funny about the cat poop . . . writers come up with all sorts of strange research projects!

      Hugs on the wing back at ya, Teagan!


  6. I think you did great on your goals. Actually, I’m impressed that you HAVE goals. Clearly I need to get on board with this idea. I was particularly taken with the goal of studying the craft of writing for 3 hours a week. What a great commitment to improving your craft. I’m going to steal that one since I have a number of writing books collecting dust. And good luck with Nano! Happy Writing.

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  7. oh yeah I also wondered often WHY I make logic mistake when I’m supposed to be such a “structured” person [sigh] I’m so glad you have someone helping you! That’s fantastic. I need to get me one of them mentors too 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next update when you tell us about all those horror books your read and the stories you wrote including that wonderful nano draft!

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    1. Thanks, Daniela, you’re always so supportive.:-)

      I’m reading a doozy right now called Black Wings by Megan Hart. I dread, DREAD what’s coming next in the plot, but it’s so good I can’t put it down!


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