5 Non Sequiturs


Gotham Writers has a scary-first-line contest. It’s free to enter, and the winner gets a free Gotham class. I entered today. Here’s the link so you can enter too, but hurry because the deadline is December 1st: https://www.writingclasses.com/contest/frightening-first-line-contest-2019


My sweet daughter got me a tee shirt with my 2019 Nanowrimo book title on it (Spheksophobia). Isn’t that the nicest, most supportive daughter ever? Hmm, well, I finished my Nano project, but it came up short, so I spent some time editing my previous novel. I wouldn’t call it a win, but I’m happy with my progress. I guess that means in January I’ll be beefing up Spheksophobia as I write the next draft.


One of the fabulous benefits of being a member of the Horror Writers Association is you can read a lot of brand new poetry, fiction, and nonfiction free in exchange for possible recommendations to the Bram Stoker Award committee. I just read Black Heart Boys’ Choir by Curtis M. Lawson. It was freakin’ awesome! Here is the HWA’s “about” page with membership info: http://horror.org/about/


Dear Husband and my wedding anniversary is coming up next week! A candlelight dinner and a dozen roses? Nah, I’m more of a cheese-n-pepperoni gal. This year we’re going on a hiking date in central Virginia on a trail we’ve never seen before, and then we’ll come home and order pizza.:-)


According to the National Retail Federation, thirty-five percent of Christmas shoppers buy at least one book to give as a gift. Isn’t that great?!

‘Til next time, happy reading, happy writing, happy everything!

Feature image by John Cameron on Unsplash.

National Retail Federation survey: https://nrf.com/media-center/press-releases/procrastination-nation-holiday-shoppers-rushing-meet-deadline

40 thoughts on “5 Non Sequiturs

  1. Happy Anniversary! Negotiating love in the real world is an extreme sport and any that do not wipeout and make it to the next wave are winners!!! Congrats!!!

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    1. She got the tee shirt in orange, too, a very November-y colour in the U.S. I, too, am looking forward to getting all our bloggers back now that Nano is over (well, over as of tonight at midnight!). Thanks for commenting, Roberta!

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  2. Echoing the congratulations and other sentiments posted here. Did you finish the NANO book but just come up short on word count? Cause that sounds like a win to me. I mean, if you’ve got a beginning, middle and end that just needs some editing, it sounds pretty winning to me. 🙂

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    1. Exactly, the finished Nano book came up short. I am (sort of) confident that I can develop the story further and make it a full-fledged novel. Thanks for your encouragement.:-) Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving!

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  3. I got here a bit late, but happy belated anniversary (the celebration sounds great to me as well!), and I’m intrigued by your NaNoWriMo project. I love horror but so far haven’t written any yet, although I keep thinking about it. I’ll check the Horror Writer’s Association for future reference.

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  4. oh I’m so happy to hear many people gifts books! That’s awesome! You daughter is amazing indeed 🙂 Happy anniversary! I hope you have gun in trip (if it hasn’t happened yet). I’m off to check the Horror Writers Association. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, but my wasp novel came up to less than 50k, and then I spent the rest of November editing a previous novel. It was productive, just not what I’d planned. Perhaps some day I can do 100k in a month, but not yet! Cheers back at ya, Teagan, and thanks for commenting.:-)

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    1. Yeah, the daughter is a sweetie.:-) It’s easy to love hiking around here (central Virginia) because the Blue Ridge Mountains are nearby, and we’re surrounded by the beautiful wooded (or cow pastured) foothills. Yep, we had a good time. Thanks for commenting, Courtney!


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