December To-Do’s for Writers

What can writers do in that awkward, unbalanced writing time between mid December and the New Year? I’ve got 22 fun ideas!

  1. Update your email signature to link to your website.
  2. Read a book totally outside your genre.
  3. Stay up way past your bedtime and observe the winter (for those in the northern hemisphere) starry sky. Often the winter night sky is clearer because there is less humidity. Speaking of winter skies, the feature image for this post is the northeastern sky as viewed from our house at sunset. The two dots are Venus and Jupiter, and Venus is the brighter of the two.
  4. Shop for next year’s writer’s journal.
  5. Shop for next year’s reader’s journal.
  6. Update your author photo.
  7. Set up your bujo for the coming year.
  8. Write a Christmas story or article while the atmosphere is rich with the season. I wrote a guest post for Horror Addicts that explains the connection between Santa and my childhood fears: Demon Pigs and Other Childhood Fears
  9. Skills practice. For example, make similes lists, eavesdrop on conversations at McDonald’s and jot down speech patterns, or write poems to help strengthen your prose aesthetics.
  10. Try out a new e-planner app or buy your new paper planner for the upcoming year.
  11. Work on goals for following year.
  12. Update your author profile on Goodreads, your website, Amazon, etc.
  13. Make a donation to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation:
  14. Spend an hour daydreaming, no purpose in mind whatsoever. (It’s supposed to be good for your brain.)
  15. Update your business cards.
  16. Study a book on the craft of writing. Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall is accessible and helpful, but I like Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark a lot too.
  17. Create a digital book cover.
  18. Write a promotional short story for your upcoming novel.
  19. Finish this year’s TBR. I am totally enjoying this! Right now I’m reading (and viscerally horrified by) Lee Allen Howard’s The Bedwetter.
  20. Refresh your press kit on your website. (Hahaha, as if I had need for a press kit . . . maybe someday!)
  21. Evaluate your website. Do the colors and header image reflect your brand?
  22. Write a blog post or film a YT video and store it away for an emergency upload when you’re down with the flu in February and can’t see straight much less write a blog post or appear before a camera.

Have a super Christmas everyone!

Daydreaming is good for your brain:

Feature image by my totally handsome and sweet husband at

61 thoughts on “December To-Do’s for Writers

  1. Writer or not, there are some things here that I should probably do myself. I actually just bought myself a new notebook to take notes in for my reviews for next year. Love starting anew every year. I envy those who have the patience to keep up a bujo. I don’t think I’m quite artsy enough for that kind of thing. Wishing you lots of luck with all of these. Merry Christmas!

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  2. Great suggestions, although I’d need several years to finish my TBR list! Love the picture (I live in a city now, so the sky gazing doesn’t work too well), and I’ve added the daydreaming to my list! Happy holiday season, Priscilla!

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  3. You just reminded me I need a press kit on my website. Guess that needs to go in my bujo.

    Here’s the thing–I had no idea what bujo stood for and had to look it up. Turns out I kind of made my own ages ago without even realizing it. It stays in my purse and goes where I go 🙂

    This was a great list with a lot of fun and productive ideas. I really enjoyed it!

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  4. This list is fantastic Pri!
    I usually have “wrap up” and “start up” to do lists at the end of the year. But this year has been so incredibly busy and I’m so behind with all my plans for 2019 that I’m having a hard time wrapping up and deciding what my plan for 2020 will be! 🙂
    [For example, updating my profile pic is in every list of every year but it never makes it to the top of any of them 🙂 ]
    I love all the tips but particularly the stargazing and the BuJo ones because I love both and they are very inspiring! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t stargaze or have my BuJo
    Now off to see what wonderful reader journal are out there since I have never had one.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list! 🙂

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  5. That is a great list! I would only add that I spend the last week of December closing my financial year for tax purposes. I have a spread sheet that adds up my expenses and income. (The outcome is usually fairly dismal, but that is part of my writing journey, too.) I’ll do the final calculations and print the pages, then set up a new spreadsheet for 2020.

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  6. Priscilla, a wonderfully fun list! I think I’ll be heading straight out to buy those all-important notebooks and then hooray, permission to day-dream! I like the mix of serious and practical advice with enjoying life, books and the art of writing! 😀

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  7. This was great fun to read! Thank you, Priscilla.
    I’m telling everyone to read Twyla Tharp’s new book (Keep It Moving), full of wonderful insights on aging, creating, renewing, pledging, and her basics for a good life at every age. Another wisewoman.

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