Mother Loves Spiders

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Why My Daughter is the Best Daughter Ever

She lives in another state and gave me a virtual 5k race for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that a clever gift when we have to be socially distant? We started the race at the same time but in different cities, and we FaceTimed afterwards. The image above is my race bib and finisher’s medal.

Why Morticia Addams is the Best Fictional Mother Ever

Morticia boldly likes what she likes, not what society tells her to like. Ominous clouds, dinner that wiggles on the plate, and venomous spiders? Yes! This aspect of Morticia’s personality is why she is so comfortable with letting the children explore their authentic selves.

Why Margaret White is the Worst Fictional Mother Ever

Margaret White is the mother in Stephen King’s Carrie. Carrie has supernatural powers. She could have been a superhero! But ugh, her cruel mother apparently hates her own sex. Poor Carrie, no wonder the girl ends up being a freak.

Why Serial Killers Often Have Messed Up Mothers

“I argue that mothers matter more [than fathers] in the making of murderers because of the inherently gendered nature of society,” says Dr. Elizabeth Yardley, the Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Applied Criminology. Yardley goes on to explain that we expect mothers to love unconditionally and be the primary, nurturing caregiver, so we defer to a mother as the caregiver even when mom is psychologically incapable.

Why the Mom Matters in My Work-In-Progress

In Spheksophobia, my current WIP, the mother abandoned her son before the story starts. I hope her son doesn’t turn out to be freakish or anything.:-)

Do you have a manuscript ready? PitDark, the biannual Twitter pitching contest for dark literature, next occurs on May 21, 2020. Here’s the link for more info: PitDark

Dr. Elizabeth Yardley:

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  1. Great present! It’s the old ‘nature versus nurture’ debate. Guidelines suggest that children showing early anti-social personality traits should have interventions before they are even three years old, but it’s not that easy to spot and the interventions are not that clear. We’re all intrigued by your WIP Priscilla. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you, Olga. I think the nature vs nurture debate will go on long after I’m dead. Human brains and emotions are just too complex. I’m glad you stopped by.:-)


  2. I love the spin on mothers day you put in this post, talking about your personal life, writing and reading too! The virtual race sounds lovely and I am glad you had fun doing that while having to remain socially distant! I have to ask… who won?

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