Mother Loves Spiders

Image of running race bib and medal

Why My Daughter is the Best Daughter Ever

She lives in another state and gave me a virtual 5k race for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that a clever gift when we have to be socially distant? We started the race at the same time but in different cities, and we FaceTimed afterwards. The image above is my race bib and finisher’s medal.

Why Morticia Addams is the Best Fictional Mother Ever

Morticia boldly likes what she likes, not what society tells her to like. Ominous clouds, dinner that wiggles on the plate, and venomous spiders? Yes! This aspect of Morticia’s personality is why she is so comfortable with letting the children explore their authentic selves.

Why Margaret White is the Worst Fictional Mother Ever

Margaret White is the mother in Stephen King’s Carrie. Carrie has supernatural powers. She could have been a superhero! But ugh, her cruel mother apparently hates her own sex. Poor Carrie, no wonder the girl ends up being a freak.

Why Serial Killers Often Have Messed Up Mothers

“I argue that mothers matter more [than fathers] in the making of murderers because of the inherently gendered nature of society,” says Dr. Elizabeth Yardley, the Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Applied Criminology. Yardley goes on to explain that we expect mothers to love unconditionally and be the primary, nurturing caregiver, so we defer to a mother as the caregiver even when mom is psychologically incapable.

Why the Mom Matters in My Work-In-Progress

In Spheksophobia, my current WIP, the mother abandoned her son before the story starts. I hope her son doesn’t turn out to be freakish or anything.:-)

Do you have a manuscript ready? PitDark, the biannual Twitter pitching contest for dark literature, next occurs on May 21, 2020. Here’s the link for more info: PitDark

Dr. Elizabeth Yardley:

56 thoughts on “Mother Loves Spiders

  1. Your daughter IS the best!!! Well, except for my daughter. 🙂 I once read a psychologist describe the effect of unskillful mothering as “the mother wallop.” I am glad that science is discovering the biochemical underpinnings of mental illness–so it is not always the mother’s fault, as it was in the 1920’s. 😛

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  2. Good choice on Margaret White – Carrie was on TV not long ago, and I ended up postponing my plans to watch it. That Stephen King sure can spin a yarn!

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    1. I can’t remember if I read the book first or saw the movie, but either way, I remember feeling sorry for Carrie and scared of her at the same time! Good to hear from you, T.J.!


  3. That sounds like a lovely gift from your daughter. Also, Morticia Addams IS awesome! And who knows what Carrie could have done if she survived past prom night (I think at one point, some TV studio or another was developing a show that would explore that premise, but the TV-movie pilot didn’t test well with audiences).

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Your daughter sounds awesome 😊 It was impressive you bet your mid-20’s daughter by 6 minutes in a 3 mile race!

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  5. Yes fiction has a thing about mothers. My son was always fond of blaming me, though he has grown out of it now. I think blaming mothers is easy. Mothers can blame their own mothers too for their faults. As most people are raised by their mothers it is easy to lay the blame for all the world problems with the one who does the caring and raising of a child.
    In my novel, Stone Angels I exploded the relationship between my main character and his mother. Though she had no physical contact in his upbringing. He had both a father figure and a carer to play the part of his mother. I wanted to play around with the age old idea of Nature via Nurture.
    Thank you for sharing such an interesting post.

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  6. What a cool gift from your daughter, Priscilla! So creative. I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and guess the son in your WIP isn’t a law-abiding, upstanding citizen? Are you participating in PitDark?

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  7. I love your take on Mother’s Day. What a cool post. 🙂

    And what a great gift from your daughter. I just started jogging recently (not running) and have yet to do 5K. The most I’ve done is 4.47 miles according to my FitBit–and it took a heck of a lot longer than 28 minutes, LOL. You rock!

    It’s good to hear your WIP is coming along, too. If you’re participating in PitDark, I wish you all the best.

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    1. A 5k is only 3.1 miles because it’s 5 km. So you’ve actually gone more than 5k, go you! I’m not ready for this PitDark, but since it’s biannual, the next one is only 6 months away. I think I’ll be ready! Thanks for stopping by, Mae.:-)

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      1. Wow, I had no idea it was 5km. I always thought that referenced miles. I’ve learned something new, LOL.

        And that’s great you’re preparing for the next PitDark. It’s nice they do them biannually.

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  8. It’s not been Mother’s Day here, but I’m glad you managed to celebrate it over there, in spite of everything. The mother-daughter relationship is very special, isn’t it?

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  9. Haha, cool post for Mother’s Day! I might’ve gone with Norman Bates’ mum for worst mother but technically that’d be worst son so…..
    Hay, awesome inclusion of the PitDark link. I didn’t know about this and I might give it a go as I’m just in that sweetspot where my WIP is finished but I haven’t hit PUBLISH yet. Thanks ever so much!!

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  10. Loved this post. I agree–it’s the mother’s influence that’s highlighted with serial killers. Love Addams Family!!! I’m thinking the son in your WP will definitely be freakish 🙂

    Keep smiling,

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    1. Yeah, my daughter’s a sweetie. In the Carrie movie, Piper Laurie did such a good job portraying Margaret White that I physically felt ill when she was on the screen! Thanks for commenting.:-)


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