My 5th Sense

Image of hay field

Smell, my 5th sense. It bleeds into other senses, awakening them and massaging my brain.

On my walk this morning.

A freshly hayed field. I swear, the aroma is an aphrodisiac. Some enterprising person should bottle it.

The stink of a hot, happy dog playing in the summer grass. (Those who have dogs in their families know how this β€œstink” is a happy one.)

Image of dog on a walk
Me and my happy dog.

The bright, crisp smell of Magnolia blossoms, like Southern sweetness. Someone should bottle this one, too.

Image of blossoming magnolia tree.
A fragrant magnolia tree on our road.

Silver honeysuckle, the invasive weed that no one will cut back because it smells like vanilla syrup smeared on juicy slices of orange.

Image of wild honeysuckle.
The smell is so sweet it makes your mouth water.

Back home, fresh ground coffee. Lord have mercy, my senses are full.

Image of coffee beans.
Why do coffee beans, with a hundred different spicy and chocolaty aromatic notes, have to look like dead beetles?

Only now do I sit down to write.

79 thoughts on “My 5th Sense

  1. My sense of smell isn’t as great as it used to be, so when I do smell something, it’s extra meaningful. The scent of jasmine is an old favourite, and it instantly transports me back to Venice, where I used to catch that same scent floating in the air as I waited for the vaporetto at Giardini. Then there are men’s fragrances such as Tommy, which reminds me of a certain turning point in my career when I used to wear it; and Carolina Herrera 212, which reminds me of family holidays in Spain. My current favourite has to be the scent of horses. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but one that all riders love, and know as Parfum de Chevaux!

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    1. Wow, you have a lot of cool memories. Horses, I know exactly what you mean! There are horses about a quarter mile from us. When I stop to stroke their l-o-n-g noses, I really do like their smell. It’s not stinky animal smell. It’s not like a cow. It’s just outdoorsy and relaxing.

      Thanks for commenting, Brian.:-)

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  2. Being a cat person and a non-coffee drinker (smells wonderful, tastes like dishwater to me – weird tastebuds), the only one of these I can identify with is the magnolia blossoms. Southern sweetness is a perfect description. Beautiful pics, Priscilla – thanks for the walk!

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  3. I love honeysuckle and freshly ground coffee. I’ve seen my share of magnolia trees and can not recall their scent. Your comment about dogs reminds me of the sound of happily playing children and the sound they make when things have gotten or are about to get unhappy and or messy. It’s easy to tell the difference even though both are usually loud.

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  4. Thank you for this olfactory journey. I felt I was right there with you experiencing the smells, it was delicious! And I would like to point out, excellent writing as well.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your morning walk. It looks like you have a wonderful setting for it.
    And the scent of honeysuckle is one of my all time favorites. What wonderful fragrances you got to experience!

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    1. We do live in a nice area for walking. It’s almost rural but not quite. Since this morning’s walk, it has clouded over and started drizzling now. But even that dank soil smell is a good aroma when your area’s been going through a dry spell. Thanks for commenting, Mae!

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    1. My parents were always big coffee drinkers. I have lots of memories from my childhood associated with that smell, like early mornings with my dad reading the newspaper before the sun rose. Thank you for commenting, Luisa.:-)


  6. What a beautiful post, Priscilla! I remember being taught in a psychology class that smell was the most powerful memory trigger. I have to agree. You have me remembering the scent of wild honeysuckle when I was a child. Hugs on the wing!

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  7. There are some of those magnolias around here, but I’ve never noticed their scent. That honeysuckle, for sure! I have it here in the garden and it behaves quite well, not weedy at all. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans is actually better than brewed coffee, although both are great smells. I remember reading somewhere a comparison of a cat’s toes to coffee beans. At the time I had a cat with black toes, and it’s true! As for the happy dog, we have a Newfoundland, so I’m familiar with that doggy smell.

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