My 5th Sense

Image of hay field

Smell, my 5th sense. It bleeds into other senses, awakening them and massaging my brain.

On my walk this morning.

A freshly hayed field. I swear, the aroma is an aphrodisiac. Some enterprising person should bottle it.

The stink of a hot, happy dog playing in the summer grass. (Those who have dogs in their families know how this “stink” is a happy one.)

Image of dog on a walk
Me and my happy dog.

The bright, crisp smell of Magnolia blossoms, like Southern sweetness. Someone should bottle this one, too.

Image of blossoming magnolia tree.
A fragrant magnolia tree on our road.

Silver honeysuckle, the invasive weed that no one will cut back because it smells like vanilla syrup smeared on juicy slices of orange.

Image of wild honeysuckle.
The smell is so sweet it makes your mouth water.

Back home, fresh ground coffee. Lord have mercy, my senses are full.

Image of coffee beans.
Why do coffee beans, with a hundred different spicy and chocolaty aromatic notes, have to look like dead beetles?

Only now do I sit down to write.

79 thoughts on “My 5th Sense

  1. I was imagining smelling my honeysuckle as I read your description, it rather does doesn’t it?
    And, yes, dead beetles, they do, darn it.

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  2. How evocative! I live in the desert, but I have traveled to places as beautiful as yours, and your photos and description made me travel to those places once again. I love the smell of ground coffee (at any time of the day). Thanks for this trip 🙂

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  3. Beautiful. I love some bottled smells but nothing smells quite like the real thing, and there’s the magic of discovery as well, isn’t there? Thank you for sharing those with us, Priscilla (I don’t like the taste of coffee but love the smell)!

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    1. You’re right, it’s exciting when you come across a lovely smell unexpectedly, the “discovery” as you put it. I think a lot of people are that way, that they think the smell of coffee is nice but not the taste. Thanks for commenting, Olga!


  4. “Why do coffee beans, with a hundred different spicy and chocolaty aromatic notes, have to look like dead beetles?”

    They do, they must, perhaps so that we remember not to judge with our eyes. And in this cafe, nor should we judge with our noses. Heavenly coffee scent!

    Thank you for this brisk, aromatic walk!

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  5. I’m loving the imagery and can definitely imagine all of these smells. One in particular sticks out to me, honeysuckle. As a 90’s kid, me and my sister Sara would sneak over to these honeysuckles and slurp up the nectar. It’s so good!

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  6. Smells are so evocative! One smell can immerse a reader directly into a moment. Right now, all I smell is wildfire smoke, but usually its the scent of heated pine in the woods, or mint in my garden. And I agree with you on the coffee beans! Happy Writing.

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