3 Non Sequiturs


How good are you at writing blurbs? How much zing can you deliver with a hundred-word hook? The Query Letter is sponsoring a blurb contest, free to enter, and with a 500 dollar prize. I’m definitely entering. I need the practice because I’m polishing my Witch of the Manor House pitch for Pitmad on September 3, 2020. Here’s the link to the contest: https://www.queryletter.com/contest


The fabulous Yawatta Hosby wrote a guest post for this blog back in February in which she talked about the inspiration behind her latest novella, Urban Legends. Urban Legends is now available for purchase right here. Best of luck to Ms. Hosby on this recent release!


I had a cup of coffee and a chat with author Paula Readman. She posted our get together on her website at PaulaReadman1. (Well okaaay, Ms. Readman lives in another country, and there’s the virus thing, so it was just a virtual chat, but still.)

I had to stop at three non sequiturs so I could use the feature image, a vintage photo of three Victorian sisters taken in 1893. (Courtesy Boston Public Library.) Check out the details: real working shutters on the windows, a bazillion tiny buttons on their dresses, and the intricate woodwork of the porch. But I’ve got to wonder, with those tight corsets, how did Victorian women breathe?

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  1. Hope you win!

    Sometimes horror stories are real,
    except when the horror is not actually horrible:

    A form, twisting like shadows in the river, scattering and fleeing
    and circling back. Again.
    (Oh, that was an otter.)

    Something from the deep;
    Something from the shallows,
    Something from the muddy banks nearby…

    (Yep. An otter. A big critter.)

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