I Sold a Story, Woohoo!

Woman outside with arms spread in joy.

I sold a short story to an anthology. My very first sale! And no, my mom didn’t buy it.:-) It’s a vampire story for a vampire anthology.

I feel like dancing in the street. I feel like celebrating!

Group of people celebrating among streamers and confetti.

There’s a monetary contract and grownup stuff and everything. (Okay, it won’t make me rich and famous, but it is encouraging, like a pat on the back.)

Just in case you missed it:


(I’ll post more when I have more details.)

Feature image is an altered image by Paul Green on unsplash.
Celebration image is by Maico Pereira on unsplash.

156 thoughts on “I Sold a Story, Woohoo!

  1. I thought that I commented, but I can’t find it, must’ve been my imagination. 😉
    Anyway, congratulations on your sale! What a tremendous feeling of success and validation!
    Keep up the great work!

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