Normal Dreams vs. A Horror Writer’s Nightmares

Image of donuts and an octopus.

This is a true story. Recently my sweet husband (SH) and I woke up as usual and had this conversation.

SH: Good morning, dear wifey.

Me: Morning, handsome.

SH: I had an awesome dream last night.

Me: Me, too! You first.

SH: We were at the bakery, and you were buying up everything you could possibly carry at once. There were glazed donuts and chocolate donuts and cupcakes with sprinkles and all sorts of bad-for-us stuff.

(I swear his eyes were positively sparkling at this point.)

SH continues: Then we went home and ate it all. Yeah, it was awesome. We should go to the bakery for real. Okay, your turn.

Me: My dream was about a sentient, tentacled, black blob-thing. Seriously, it looked like a giant octopus made out of vegemite and kinda oozy like it was half-melted. It was on the front lawn of a darling little cottage with yellow clapboard siding. The black tentacles reached for the house, probing the sides and poking the door and windows, trying to find a way in. As the tentacles explored the little house, the house bled, and the clapboard walls turned crimson.

(My sweet husband’s eyes were no longer sparkling. In fact, I think his upper lip had started to curl like lips do when they smell or taste something that’s gone bad.)

Me still talking: Yeah, it was awesome. I should write a story about it.

Feature image (altered) from Leighann Blackwood and Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash.

85 thoughts on “Normal Dreams vs. A Horror Writer’s Nightmares

      1. I agree with KC. But I would have still had the donut twinkle in my eye, even after hearing about your poor, lovely, little cottage being violated by some horrible, vegemite octopus! πŸ™‚

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  1. I can’t tell you how often this happens at our house, Priscilla, lol. Hubby has normal, everyday dreams, but when I tell him about mine, he gets this horrified look like “Who ARE you?” My dreams keep me very entertained.

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  2. I think you had competing for/conflicting dreams–he wanted to indulge in luscious pastries and your subconscious wanted to annihilate the place where this overindulgence might have happened. You two have lovely vivid dreams.

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    1. Ah, one of those people who like to interpret dreams. Yes, they could be connected dreams. Once we even SHARED a dream, not joking! It was a science fiction space (that part was his) monster chasing us (mine). Freaked us both out when we realized we had the same dream. Thanks for commenting, Equipsblog.:-)

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  3. I love the contrast of your dreams πŸ˜› I think I would prefer the dream of all the food although I’d feel sad when I awoke and there wasn’t any of that food for me to eat! But then again… dreaming up writing material is certainly handy πŸ˜€

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  4. Apparently there are some people who don’t remember their dreams, and even claim not to dream at all. Imagine that! I dreamt the other night that I was waiting for a meeting to start and the Obamas walked in. Michelle was a bit put out that one of her daughter’s had taken her favourite coffee mug without asking. Why would I, a Brit, have these folk on my mind?

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  5. I love all kinds of dreams. They are like little mind movies, and sometimes you get a sweet one, sometimes you get a horror film. I love donuts, and I’d sure read a story about the creepy octopus. πŸ™‚

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  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I CANNOT express how much this tickled me! This is me and my own SH to the tee!! We have a code name for his dreams now – Vanilla.

    “Have any vanilla dreams last night SH?”
    “Oh yes, I was in school doing exams! You?”
    “I was in school chasing blood-sucking robot vampires through a mire of dark fantasy lava, while being driven by dark forces controlling my brain to eradicate all life in the underworld.”
    “Yeah…exams suck.”

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  7. I laughed out loud and can definitely relate! Although, my husband’s dreams are usually filled with adventure and danger β€” no donuts or “goodies” in his dreams, mine usually supersede his with weird, unidentifiable creatures/people.

    Even in our dreams, we write. πŸ˜‰ Write on, Priscilla, write on!

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