2020 NaNoWriMo Update

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This year I am writing short stories for National Novel Writing Month. Short stories, not a novel. I wanted to sate the thirsty rebel dwelling under my skin. And not just some half-arsed stories, but four stories that are written, edited, and submitted. I’m on schedule with two stories down and two to go.

What are my stories about? Slugs and Civil War ghosts, octopus gore, vampires in the Alaskan wilderness, and genetically manipulated canine hybrids.

(Technically, I haven’t submitted the second story yet. It’s late as I type this, and I don’t want to write a cover letter when I’m sleepy. I’ll submit it tomorrow, honest!)

Just to make things tougher on myself for this Nano project, I won’t submit to a publisher that only pays authors with a contributor copy. Sure, there are times when such remuneration is appropriate, especially for charity anthologies, but I wanted to raise the bar for Nano. I am submitting all four stories to flooded pro- or semi-pro markets where I have to compete with a bazillion other writers.

Which means my stories REALLY have to be polished. Oh, the pressure, the challenge! It’s great fun!

To everyone doing Nano, we’re halfway through the month, woohoo! Let’s keep it up!

80 thoughts on “2020 NaNoWriMo Update

    1. Oh no! Well, we’re half way through the month. Maybe you can change your goal from a 50k novel to a 12k novel intro or a comprehensive story outline or whatever. We still have 14.5 days.:-) Good luck whatever you decide!


  1. I’ve never participated in NanoWriMo, because I don’t feel it would be possible for me to write a novel in a month. I might be able to get part way through one, but there is zero chance of me finishing one in thirty days. A stretch goal like that wouldn’t motivate me personally.

    However, I do like the idea of writing a collection of short stories instead. Maybe next year?

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    1. I ran across an author in YT who said she doesn’t aim for 50k because she was afraid she’d write sloppy stuff. So her Nano goal is just to write 30 days in a row. I think that’s a pretty cool goal and may try it next year. I’m glad you commented, Brian!

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  2. I am in awe of you for participating in NaNoWriMo. Years ago, I think I made it to two weeks and then my computer crashed, or some other drama demanded all of my attention, so, I know what a commitment this is to anyone participating. Bravo!

    Also, congratulations on submitting your stories to paying publishers. I too am moving into that arena with my writing, abandoning multi-author unpaid anthologies. I may receive more rejections, but, I will be in great company with authors who have run the gambit and survived successfully.

    Best of luck to you, Priscilla, now and in the coming year!

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    1. Thank you so much! Funny about the computer. They have a critical-need detector, I think. As soon as you CRITICALLY need them, they crash! Best of luck to you, too, Sue Marie; I hope you have a wonderful 2021!

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  3. I like how you changed the nanowrimo challenge to suit what you wanted to do with your writing, and that you have already wrote edited and finished two of the short stories! I hope it went well. I focused on writing more of my novel in verse last month, loosely participating.

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    1. it went okay. I got four stories written and edited, but only three of them submitted. I deleted the fourth story because it just didn’t sound like me. I hope you have plans for eventual publication of your novel in verse. I will read it for sure!

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