New Anthology: The Vampire Connoisseur

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It’s a new anthology, The Vampire Connoisseur, and I’M IN IT! OMGosh, I’m a published author! (Squeal!) I’ve read all 16 vampire stories. They’re all good, fun, enjoyable, and not your typical vampire tales. Yes, I have some faves:

“The Red Angel” by Lisa Hario because it’s kinda sweet, but it’s still a horror story.
“Poem of the Riverbank” by Gary Robbe because of the way the author achieved a sense of dread and because the prose felt so refined.
“Parasites: A Tale of Route 66” by B.J. Thrower because the ending was truly horror-filled but not in a fangs sort of way.

My story, “The Sun Sets Nonetheless,” is about a Midwestern man fighting off vampires. It was inspired by a wind gust that blew white petals off a flowering tree in our back yard. The image stuck with me, and I wrote a dark story around the image.

Okay, here it goes, my very first shameless self-promotion: Please pick up a copy of The Vampire Connoisseur, here’s a link, and it’d be extra cool if you could leave a review on your fave review site.

Have a fang-tastic New Year!

103 thoughts on “New Anthology: The Vampire Connoisseur

  1. Congratulations, Priscilla! That’s wonderful news. What a great way to end 2020. Happy new year! You’re off to a great start. 🙂

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    1. Thanks.:-) Yeah, Amazon’s Author Central has been “reviewing my request” for over a week now. It won’t let me add anything to my author profile until they approve it. Happy New Year, NovelInsanity!


      1. Thank you, Priscilla! It has. I was invited to participate in an upcoming horror anthology with 12 other authors. Black Hare Press is keeping the title and cover under wraps at the moment, so I can’t tell any more than it’s going to be mind-bending. 🙂

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Priscilla!!!! I’m proud of you! I’ll definitely be picking up my copy! Sorry, I missed this announcement. I was sick Christmas eve and got my covid test back showing I was positive that Monday after. Been sleeping a lot for the past 14 days, just got back to work on Monday 1/11.

    Looking forward to reading your story and the anthology as a whole 🙂

    Keep smiling,

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