Reaching for the Stars, My First Half of 2021 Writing Goals

Last year and in the first couple of weeks of 2021 I received encouraging editorial feedback on short fiction (short stories and one novelette). But zero feedback on my haunted house novel.

Perhaps, thinks me, I need a bridge between short fiction and novels, something to push my storytelling skills to longer lengths. Hm, whatever could I do? Anyone? Anyone? You in the back. A novella, you say? Excellent answer!

In fact, let’s write more than one.

My goal is to write three novellas by June 30th and work on using short fiction storytelling skills in my longer fiction. I’ve started the first novella. For my second one I’m going to rewrite the draft of my wasp novel, and I’m still thinking on the third.

Why not reach for the stars? Just to make it more challenging, all three novellas will be related. Horror? Oh yes. Critters and wasps and ancestors and oppression? Yup. How ’bout a foreign setting? You bet!

Speaking of stars, the feature image of this post is the beautiful M42 nebula in the Orion constellation. Dear Husband took the photo through a telescope.

Teagan Geneviene recently released the first “journey” in her serial fantasy novel, Dead of Winter. The serial installments are called journeys because the characters travel to different lands throughout the series. Isn’t that clever? I am reading the first journey, Forlorn Peak, and I am smitten with the main character, a precocious 12-year-old named Emlyn.

78 thoughts on “Reaching for the Stars, My First Half of 2021 Writing Goals

  1. It’s interesting to see how books are changing, Priscilla. Teagan’s experiment with a serial is one example. I’ve seen more novella’s recently as well as related novellas packaged into one book. And why not both based on a reader’s preference. Good for you for having strong goals and going for them! You’re an inspiration.

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  2. Happy weekend, Priscilla. Horsefeathers, I’m late! ^^’ I had been watching for a new post from you. However, every time I visit WordPress showed me a post from December. So, I thought you were taking a break. I should have known better.
    Heartfelt thanks for the shout out to “Dead of Winter.” You are so kind.
    If anyone can produce three novellas in six months, it’s you. The third idea will come. As my blog serial has shown me, rewriting a novel can lead to all sorts of new elements and some very unexpected changes. I hope the Wasp rewrite turns out to be a fun project. Hugs on the wing!

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    1. I’ve had some weird experiences with WP Reader, too. Sometimes I think I’ve done something wrong, but when I check the settings, they’re still good. Odd. Maybe there is another WP update going on behind the scenes, who knows?

      Thanks for the encouragement, Teagan! Hugs on the wing back at ya.:-)

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  3. I admire your goal-setting skills and look forward to your update in June 2021 when I will read of your accomplishments! I feel like such a sluggard compared with you!

    Best of luck and reach those stars!

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  4. Patience is the hardest discipline to master when working with editors and publishers, but don’t worry. You’re talented and will find the right team for your works! Good luck on your 1st half of 2021 endeavors. Also, your husband took an AMAZING photo!

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  5. Good luck with your writing goals! I was interested in trying “shut and write” online meetings to get my butt back into gear. I’ve been writing, just not much fiction writing. I’d like to get back to my horror escape novella. I can’t wait to read your novellas when they come out 🙂 And, if you ever need a beta reader I’m here.

    Keep smiling,

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  6. Best wishes with your goals 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try a novella but I waffle on far too much and would struggle with the reduced word count from a full length novel!

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    1. Thanks, Louise! Haha, my friend asked me how my 20k novella was going. I told her I had about 10k left, and I was at 30k! (I did stop and edit. Now it’s 11k with 9k left . . . I hope!) Thanks for commenting.:-)

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