Daily Word Counts, Chugging Along

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Word counts . . . as in why NOT do a blog post listing daily writing progress? I’m chugging along as I write my first horror novella of 2021, making some progress. Here are my word counts for the last 14 days.

Monday, February 1: 1068 words and an hour of outline work.

Tuesday, February 2: 593 words and 30 minutes studying the craft. (Studying as in doing exercises from a writing book, for example, or probing a beautiful poem.)

Wednesday, February 3: 555 words and 30 minutes of studying.

Thursday, February 4: 719 words and 30 minutes of studying.

Friday, February 5: 903 words and 30 minutes of studying.

Saturday, February 6: 261 words and 30 minutes of studying plus a horror movie as a treat for making it through the week.:-)

Sunday, February 7: Chill.

Monday, February 8: 673 words and an hour of outline work.

Tuesday, February 9: 786 words and 30 minutes of studying.

Wednesday, February 10: 205 words and 30 minutes of studying plus 30 aggravating minutes of trying to fix the timeline I screwed up. (Some days it’s like writing with the flow of the current. Other days it’s like writing upstream!)

Thursday, February 11: 1008 words.

Friday, February 12: 955 words and 30 minutes of studying.

Saturday, February 13: 418 words and 30 minutes of studying.

And today, Sunday, February 14: I wish I could say CHILL like last Sunday, but today is do-the-taxes day. It’s not all bad, though. It is Valentine’s Day, after all, and I ate chocolate for breakfast.:-)

Thanks to Peter Germany, a horror author out of North Kent in the UK, for inspiring this post. He often blogs about his daily word counts . . . and vampires and zombies.:-)

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75 thoughts on “Daily Word Counts, Chugging Along

  1. I find these kind of writing ups and downs all the time. I think you are tug-boating right along here Ms. Bettis and a fine job at that.

    Is there a work of yours that you would recommend starting out with, later this year I’ll be getting back into some indie reading and I’m interested to check yours out.

    I’m still trying to figure out a way to gage my word count and I just can’t figure it out. 🙁

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    1. About a year ago I think it was, Kill Zone Blog did an unscientific survey of experienced writers to see what the average daily writing goal was. It ranged from “nifty 350” to 1000 words, most with weekends off.

      I am a newer author with only one published story out. It’s called “The Sun Sets Nonetheless,” and it’s in an anthology of vampire horror called The Vampire Connoisseur. Thanks for stopping by, S.D.!

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  2. I don’t keep track of my word counts, Priscilla. It would be too depressing. Lol. It’s amazing how long it can take me to write 1000 words – about 8 hours. Ugh. Good for you for keeping it up! It does add up!

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  3. That’s not bad at all. Keep up the good work. I list daily word counts too but mine are on a Google sheet. Been doing it for 3 years straight.

    Keep smiling,

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      1. I had joined the 10 Minute Writers (or something like that) on Facebook. They had us record our daily word count. I only lasted a year there because with the renewal they were asking for money. I said “no way” and easily kept on track myself.

        Keep smiling,

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  4. A horror film break mid week sounds like a good break. It’s impressive that you always manage to get words on the page every single day and keep it going. And the days you write 1k sound amazing! I’m not one of those writers who write a little every day – I function in big chunks on certain days and then that’s it. So maybe 2 or 3 days a week and a larger count. I sometimes wish I could be more consistent like you though!

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    1. I think being a student means your writing time is dictated more than mine is. I may have a lot going on certain days, but I still have flexibility to schedule what gets done when. I remember being a student; it’s difficult! But if understood correctly, you’re almost done, woohoo! Thanks for stopping by, Olivia-Savannah.:-)

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