Slug Story Accepted, Happy Dance!

Image of a stick figure clicking her heels

For Nanowrimo 2020, my goal was to write four short stories, edit them, and submit them to paying markets. I ended up deleting a story (because it was plain silly), but three out of four ain’t bad.

One of the Nano stories I wrote is about slugs, a mom/scientist who knows all about mollusks, and a Civil War solider. I just found out that “Mollusk Madness” was accepted to a literary magazine, woohoo! My story won’t be published until 2022, so I’ll give more deets later, but the editor had this to say:

It’s gorgeously rendered, it’s haunting . . . and it speaks to the lengths at which we will go to protect our children. This is an absolutely stunning little piece of work.

Wheeeee, I’m on cloud nine!

Okay, here I am on solid ground again. I am in the middle of my first draft of my second novella for 2021, a little tale infused with folk horror and poetry. Back to work!

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