Second Draft DONE!

Image of red and yellow sandstone mountains

Yesterday I finished the second draft of my horror novella set in a dystopian society called the Colony. The story takes place in the 1980s with real world events sneaking in. I sent the story off to a beta reader. Betas are golden.:-) The working tagline:

Ward hates his job. He slaughters animals for a popular restaurant in the northern most city of the Colony. But when Wang finally quits, he is the one targeted for slaughter.

Today’s feature image is of the red-and-yellow sandstone formations in Gansu Province, China, which inspired the beautiful scenery surrounding Ward’s isolated world. In my novella, Ward’s boss, Fay, rides her bicycle to a farming village in the foothills of these mountains:

The barracks were gone now, and the village smelled of weedy clover, sweet hay, and a mineral-rich wind that swept down from the rock-faced mountain ridge.

And in other news . . .

The fabulous Courtney Mroch, a frequent blog visitor and content creator over at (a top 75 paranormal website in 2020), has a nonfiction story published in the newly released The Feminine Macabre. The Feminine Macabre is an anthology of 30 different paranormal researchers’ essays and experiences. Cool, eh?

Today’s feature image by Aaron Greenwood at

100 thoughts on “Second Draft DONE!

  1. Congratulations, Priscilla. Love the picture and the sound of your novella. Keep us up-to-date with how it goes and thanks for the tip about The Feminine Macabre. ♥

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  2. Okay first of all…CONGRATS on finishing the send draft. LOVED the “Betas are golden” phrasing AS WELL AS the snippet you shared. Wow. You really do have a way with words. Poetic + horror? What a combo!

    And THEN…WHAT?! You blew me away with the shoutout!!! Holy cow THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing that!!! For not only shouting out the anthology but also naming me! WHAT??? AHHHH!!!

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  3. Congratulations for finishing your second draft! I hope you get positive and useful feedback from your beta readers. Beta readers are indeed, truly a blessing. And I love that you are showing support to a fellow writer and blogger!!

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