3rd Quarter 2021 Writing Goals

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Yes, my 3rd quarter goals. But first, how did I do on the goals I set for the first half of 2021? I had a goal of writing three novellas. (One of them was already in a Nano draft phase.)

1st half of 2021: Write and edit 3 novellas.

FIRST NOVELLA: Done, in an editor’s slush pile at the moment.

SECOND NOVELLA: Done. However, I was experimenting with a novella in verse. It didn’t turn out to my liking, and with each editing pass, the more contrived it felt. So I deleted it, but I’m glad I gave it a shot.

THIRD NOVELLA: Ironically, this is the novella that was already in draft form, and I think it still needs another big edit. So this one was a big, honking FAIL. I do like the wasp-filled premise, though, so I’m not giving up on this one.

During the first half of 2021, I also:

  • got a story accepted in my fave dark literary zine (to be published in spring of 2022).
  • received three story rejections.:-)
  • received notice of a forthcoming acceptance for a vampire novelette.
  • got a poem published in a happily successful charity anthology for Virginia musicians hit hard by the pandemic. (The anthology is today’s feature image.)
  • wrote and submitted a short story about not-your-normal butterflies (heh, heh, hehhhh).
  • wrote and submitted a short story about a child’s ghost.
  • edited and submitted a wicked witch story for a podcast.
  • wrote a weird-horror short story that needs 400 words chopped in order to meet a target publisher’s submission guidelines.

For the 3rd quarter 2021, my goals are to:

  • cut 400 words from my weird-horror short story and get it submitted.
  • edit and submit that third novella, the wasp-filled one.
  • edit (again) and query my manor house novel that’s been sitting idle too long.
  • aim for some new words, too, so I’ll search for a paying horror market and then challenge myself to write a short story for that market.

I hope the pursuit of your writing (or reading, or both) goals are going well!

85 thoughts on “3rd Quarter 2021 Writing Goals

  1. Great to see you so busy. What a lot of good work. I too have a number of WIP and somewhat abandoned (but never forgotten) stories that I shall return to. I think it’s the writer’s lot. Wishing you much success.

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    1. Thanks, Joan.:-) It was actually over the course of 6 months, not 3, because I knew three novellas would be a big challenge for me. But THIS quarter I’m aiming for three-month goals. I’m glad you stopped by!

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  2. Wow! You might have had some goals you didn’t meet, but I’d say you did extraordinary. Congratulations!
    Also wishing you well with your 3rd quarter goals for the year. I love how you have everything planned out!

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  3. I’m seriously impressed. Amazingly productive! Wasps? I have wasps in my WIP fantasy book. They can be nasty things. They are in my story.

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  4. I agree with everyone else – it’s a success! You’ve inspired me to write down my goals so I can see the progress I’ve made instead of always feeling like I’m treading water. Congrats, Priscilla!

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  5. Wow! That’s a helluva year, well done you! I’m intrigued by the wasp story; I’m terrified of wasps and hornets so that’s something that would really keep me up at night- and not in the way writing usually does!

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