Short Story Accepted!

Woman sleeping on the ground

Yay, my contemporary short story, “Lucretia’s Hum,” was accepted into Rayne Hall’s upcoming Gothic anthology! Woohoo! Hall is a talented short story author, particularly quiet horror and Gothic horror, and I’m stoked that she liked “Lucretia’s Hum.”

Stoked isn’t very Gothic. Let’s see . . . I’m chuffed to be accepted into Hall’s anthology.:-)

Lucretia is a modern Goth. During the day she sits in a cubicle and writes computer code while hiding from the world in her oversized, black hoodie. Earbuds in, of course. After work she drives home to a trailer parked near the end of a rural Virginia road.

“The lonely road terminated at the Virginia Spiritualist Cemetery, a green cemetery established by local Spiritualists in 1914 with the conviction that souls could easily come and go if their corpses weren’t constricted. The dead lay above ground, simply shrouded, the fresher corpses full with bloat, the older bodies as dried and scattered as the autumn leaves.”

It is here, in the cemetery, where Lucretia sleeps every night.

I will holler from the mountaintops when I know the anthology title and its release date!

Doesn’t the name Priscilla sound Gothic? Maybe I’m meant to write more Gothic stories!

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