Old woman with her embroidery.

Yes, I’m participating in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). No, I’m not doing a full novel. I’m doing a pared down version, thus the “ninny.” I wish I could take credit for the cute “ninny” in “NinnyWriMo.” It’s not an original idea, but darned if I can remember who came up with it! By all means, holler if you know.

First, I’m penning a new short story for a submission call about artists and their models (horror, of course). The deadline is November 30th, so it’s perfect timing for a Nano project. My protagonist is a needlework artist. Here’s a snippet:

Ekaterina smoothed the folded, little-boy’s shirt with her wrinkled fingers. Along the length of the placket ran her meticulous embroidery: star flowers for protection, geometric zigzags for joy, and holly berries for health. There was also a tiny, brown stain from when Ekaterina pricked her finger.

“For my grandson’s first day of kindergarten,” Ekaterina said. She passed the gift to Katherine, her daughter.

Katherine pinched the shoulder of the shirt between her acrylic nails, and Ekaterina’s careful folds fell out.

My second Ninnywrimo project is the bazillionth edit (okay, maybe the third edit) on my wasp novella. I will submit it also by the end of the month.

Here’s the submission call for the Weirdpunk Books art-horror anthology in case you have a story up your sleeve: WeirdpunkBooksSubmissions.

An update: Aha! It was D. Wallace Peach’s husband who came up with the Ninny of NinnyWriMo (except he called it “Ninny Rhino” heehee).

Today’s feature image by Laura Adai on unsplash.

84 thoughts on “Ninnywrimo

  1. I would be a ninnyhammer not to be intrigued with the snipper of the story that you shared with us. I’d like to read more. I like the term ninny for this month. Best of luck to you. Have a productive week with lots of time and inspiration.

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  2. Ninniewrimo! I like that. I’m not doing NaNo this year (and have vowed I’ll never do it again), but I am using the month to concentrate on a book of short stories I’ve wanted to write for a few years.

    Enjoyed the excerpt of your story. Good luck!

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  3. Cute! I don’t know who wrote the Ninny but I love it. I just figured it was something you came up with. I wouldn’t have known the difference. Sounds clever like you! And good luck with all your writing and submissions!

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  4. Love the snippet!
    I did NaNoWriMo once—my worst writing decision ever— but your post has inspired me to try it on a Ninny scale 😊. I’ll try to finish editing my story this month!
    Good luck with NinnyWriMo!

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    1. Thank you, Crystal.:-) The embroidery details were inspired by my upbringing in Alaska. There are Old Believer and Russian Orthodox communities that assign embroidery an almost mystical value.


  5. HI Priscilla, your projects sound sensible, the sort of thing I could also manage in a month. The idea of writing 50,000 worthwhile words of a novel in one month is foreign and impossible for me. That amount of words takes me around 6 months if I want to be happy and think they are worthwhile words.

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  6. OMG I want to read that story! Please get published so I can. 🙂 I have never understood why they pick a holiday month to do a novel writing challenge. Maybe that’s the point? To make people force themselves to write when all is chaos around them? I dunno… Is there a poetry version? Oh yes there is. April Poem a Day. Speaking of submission calls, whenever I see a call for a horror story I always think of you and then… aw… she probably already follows the resources I do. 🙂 Good luck!

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    1. Thank you, JM!

      You know how some people are Thanksgiving chefs (and decorators and cleaners and shoppers), and other people are the plus-ones or college kids home for a long weekend? I suspect Nano was started by the plus-ones and college students who didn’t understand the weight of the Thanksgiving to-do’s.

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