It’s Release Day for “The Hay Bale”!

Image of book cover for "The Hay Bale" with a solitary hay bale on the cover

It’s release day for my new novelette, “The Hay Bale”!

A little background:

In 2020 my daughter suffered a miscarriage. She got pregnant again, but that pregnancy also ended with a miscarriage. The second one was particularly difficult to manage emotionally. And I’m talking my emotions. What was she going though?

Both she and her sweet husband handled it with aplomb, grieving then moving forward.

But what happens to a woman who can’t move forward after two miscarriages, or three, or four? And what if she ended up in a rural setting where weird horrors arise?

Thus, my story’s protagonist, Claire, came to be.

Not since Shirley Jackson have I read something so dark and twisted. Bettis nails the creepy vibe of a tainted small town while redefining the power of a mother’s love. A must read for horror fans.

Staci Troilo, author of the Cathedral Lake Series

With “The Hay Bale,” Bettis delivers a bold yet haunting tale of a woman whose yearning and loss are overwhelming but not enough to destroy her capacity for love.

Lionel Ray Green, horror author and columnist at Read Green’s full review here.

I hope you’ll give “The Hay Bale” a read.
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p.s. Third time’s a charm. My daughter got pregnant again and recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy.

Image of baby with a blue blanket
Freakin’ cute kid!

Feature image is altered image of original photograph by Sindy Süssengut on unsplash.

Baby image by BrittanyJensonPhotography.

117 thoughts on “It’s Release Day for “The Hay Bale”!

  1. Congratulations on both the new grandbaby and your new release! I used to read horror. Devoured every Stephen King novel I could get my hands on. Then, some life experiences left too many emotional scars behind, and I can no longer read the genre without triggering panic attacks and nightmares. I’ve gone through years of therapy and don’t have many issues anymore, unless I dive into that dark world of horror through either books or movies. So, I steer clear.

    I am sure your stories are well written, judging from your blog posts, book reviews, and how large your following is. I wish you tons of success with your newest!

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  2. Congratulations to you and your family. So cute! I’ve downloaded my copy and look forward to reading it. Enjoy your celebrations, Priscilla – you deserve it! 🙂

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  3. Dang. I re-read that comment several times before I hit post and I still missed the typos. It’s true. We can’t proof-read our own stuff!

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