Alternate-History, Literary, Disturbing

Two alternate-history dystopian stories:

  • The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. What if the Axis alliance had won WWII instead?
  • SS-GB by Len Deighton is the British cousin of The Man in the High Castle.

Two literary dystopian stories:

  • Armageddon House by Michael Griffin is a bleak, futuristic novella. It’s like Groundhog Day meets Soylent Green.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I’ve become an Atwood fan lately. Her prose is so highbrow but breezy. (How does she do that?)

Two disturbing dystopian stories:

  • Ration by Cody Luff. No men, no plants, no animals. Only women, and they’re all starving.
  • Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica. Slow-paced with painful scenes, lots of “food” for thought.

And then there’s my dystopian novella, Dog Meat, to be published later this year by Potter’s Grove Press. Dog Meat is an alternate-history, literary, disturbing story. In this snippet the main character, Ward, is working in the walled courtyard of a restaurant:

Beyond the wall, columns of cinderblock boxes stacked one atop another rose and pierced the smoggy sky. Ward eyed the middle column. Third floor, third window from the right, his concrete box, his apartment.

Today’s feature image is by Timon Reinhard on unsplash.

52 thoughts on “Alternate-History, Literary, Disturbing

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. My husband and I watched the The Man in the High Castle series based on the book. He had read the book before, but I hadn’t. Anyway, the series was especially interesting. I’m glad you stopped by.:-)

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  1. That’s a lot of dystopian reading! I’d sink into a depression after all that, for sure. (And EW! on the Soylent Green comparison.)

    So excited you have a new release coming this year. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Loved your excerpt.

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  2. There’s a series The Man in the High Castle on Prime. I think it’s from the same story but I never got around to watching it. I read Handmaiden’s Tale. Atwood is also a great poet. I got a book of her poetry as a gift one year. But the rest I won’t be reading. 🙂

    I finally read The Hay Bale! You are a good writer Priscilla. That story had such a creepy ending but unique. Its going to stick with me a long time. I mean, I have questions. Well one. But I don’t want to post it here because, spoilers. Plus, the author doesn’t owe the reader anything. But if there’s a reddit or other social media where fans dissect the book, please point me in that direction. :).

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    1. The hubster and I saw the The Man in the High Castle series, and we both loved it. You read The Hay Bale? You and Carrie (below) made my day! I’m not on any dissect-the-books kind of website, but you can email me if you like. The email for this blog is pbettis at gmail dot com.


  3. HI Priscilla, Soylent Green is not a book I’ve ever seen a book blogger mention. I think I must read it again. I am gearing myself up to read Margaret Atwood and the idea of the Axis powers winning the war and what would have happened is intriguing.

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    1. Soylent Green is grim, isn’t it? I thought the movie was really good, too, for its time. (It hasn’t necessarily aged well.) Margaret Atwood surprised me. She is one of my mother’s fave authors, but my mother and I don’t always like the same books, so I was skeptical. Thanks for commenting, Robbie.:-)

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  4. Sorry I missed this earlier. They all sound fascinating and I am a huge fan of Margaret Atwood and her Handmaid’s Tale. The recent sequel is equally engrossing. More one-line book reviews to add to your stunning list.. Love the snippet of your new tale.

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    1. My first exposure to Atwood was The Edible Woman. It was interesting and hard to put down and a cool snapshot of the time (1969ish). Thanks for the kind words re my story excerpt, Pat!


  5. I’ve read the handmaids tale and agree with what you say about her writing style! I’ve not tired any philip k dick before but I do intend to at some point. And of course, have to read tender is the flesh soon.

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  6. Well this is an exciting announcement (or maybe you already made it before and I’m just now realizing it) and a fun way to talk about other books in the process, two of which I’ve read and also watched the series based on them. But now it’d be cool if one day I’ll remember this post as I’m watching a series inspired by your book! Also, added some new books to my list thanks to you!

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