Cover Reveal: Dog Meat

I’m so excited! It’s a cover reveal for my debut novella, Dog Meat! My thanks goes to Potter’s Grove Press for taking me on.

Dog Meat takes place in a dystopian setting called the Colony. The Colony is fictional. The dogs’ nightmare is real. It’s a gritty cover for a gritty story.

Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis, November 8, 2022

Kalb Ward slaughters dogs for the Colony, a closed, dystopian society where resources are tight, free speech is nonexistent, and those in power have eyes and ears everywhere. Ward desperately wants to quit his grisly job, but he knows he’ll be arrested, or worse, if he tries. 

In the Colony, a citizen’s future is determined by a placement exam. Score high, and you’re set for life. Score low, and you end up living a nightmare–like Ward.

Li Ling, the love of Ward’s youth, scored high, and she’s a local celebrity now, far out of his reach. Meanwhile, his neighbor’s son is making a series of disastrous decisions as his own exam rapidly approaches.

Can Ward bridge the social divide and win back Li Ling? Can he help the neighbor’s son avoid a future as grim as his own? Can he escape the Colony’s oppressive rule and, if he’s very lucky, bring down the whole horrific system in the process? 

You know what they say: Every dog has his day. 

And Ward’s day is coming.

Dog Meat will be released November 8, 2022. The Kindle version of Dog Meat is available for preorder now from Amazon, or you can preorder the ebook or paperback directly from the publisher.

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and an extra thank you to those who are able and willing to preorder my debut novella!

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