Cover Reveal: Dog Meat

I’m so excited! It’s a cover reveal for my debut novella, Dog Meat! My thanks goes to Potter’s Grove Press for taking me on.

Dog Meat takes place in a dystopian setting called the Colony. The Colony is fictional. The dogs’ nightmare is real. It’s a gritty cover for a gritty story.

Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis, November 8, 2022

Kalb Ward slaughters dogs for the Colony, a closed, dystopian society where resources are tight, free speech is nonexistent, and those in power have eyes and ears everywhere. Ward desperately wants to quit his grisly job, but he knows he’ll be arrested, or worse, if he tries. 

In the Colony, a citizen’s future is determined by a placement exam. Score high, and you’re set for life. Score low, and you end up living a nightmare–like Ward.

Li Ling, the love of Ward’s youth, scored high, and she’s a local celebrity now, far out of his reach. Meanwhile, his neighbor’s son is making a series of disastrous decisions as his own exam rapidly approaches.

Can Ward bridge the social divide and win back Li Ling? Can he help the neighbor’s son avoid a future as grim as his own? Can he escape the Colony’s oppressive rule and, if he’s very lucky, bring down the whole horrific system in the process? 

You know what they say: Every dog has his day. 

And Ward’s day is coming.

Dog Meat will be released November 8, 2022. The Kindle version of Dog Meat is available for preorder now from Amazon, or you can preorder the ebook or paperback directly from the publisher.

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and an extra thank you to those who are able and willing to preorder my debut novella!

132 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Dog Meat

          1. I hope I get some good income coming in so I can read this. I’m sensitive about animals, sure, but as someone dedicated to animal rescue/animal advocacy, I’ve seen my share of stuff, and the more awareness, the better, even in fiction!

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          2. SO horrible! What piece of garbage thought breeding dogs just to torture them was a good idea?? Congrats on your book! It’s so exciting to have something published 🙂

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      1. I was just thinking about you because I just finished a book that was marked as “horror” and I thought, I’m finally going to read a horror book. The book was The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex and I kept waiting for the horror. I think it must have been categorized wrong. Maybe a psychological horror but fairly mild. I did enjoy the book. I’m going to keep trying!

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  1. Hi Priscilla. Can I be honest? My first reaction was that it has a cartoonish effect. Might it be a bit too eclectic? I feel like there’s too much confusion going on in the “head” with the chaos of points, angles, jaws, and other images I can’t identify. What effect are you going for? If you want to shock the viewer, then you’re spot on. I’m not a cover designer, so this is just my reaction. One of my book cover designers told me the golden rule for winning book covers is that the design should be uncluttered, but detailed enough to invite the reader to open the book. You might want to get other professional graphic artists’ opinions. Good Luck. Your story sounds fascinating!

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    1. Hi Paula, thanks for your input, but it’s one of the publisher’s regular artists, and the artwork does fit within the mass of rough, bizarre, or gritty covers in the publisher’s lineup. Thanks for the good wishes!


  2. I like the artwork, Priscilla. It reflects that dystopian feeling you describe in your synopsis. The cover has that 1970’s UK punk feel, which featured in many of the homemade zines of the time. I look forward to reading the book.

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    1. Thank you, Sean! I wasn’t so imaginative on this one. I took the story from bits and pieces of headlines and events that happened to family friends who escaped dreadful living conditions. The challenge was making the story interesting to people totally removed from societies such as (the main character’s) Ward’s.

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      1. I approach my own fiction much the same way, Priscilla: You start with an emotional truth from your own direct (or indirect) experience, and then you use that as the foundation for a fictional world/narrative that allows you to explore those themes with as much depth and complexity as possible. I write genre fiction myself, but I’m never content to merely develop a plot, no matter how suspenseful, from a high-concept premise; if the story wasn’t about something emotionally truthful, I wouldn’t be able to sustain my enthusiasm for it over the months (or longer) required to write the manuscript.

        Very excited for Dog Meat! And I know another author published by Potter’s Grove, and she has had nothing but good things to say about her experience with them. I trust the same will be the case for you!

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