6 Non Sequiturs

Bad Moon Rising is coming in October to teripolen.com. Thirty-one authors of the horror, thriller, and paranormal/supernatural will be featured. This year I get to participate! I’ve got the stage on day four. Teri is an avid reader, YA author, and fellow blogger. Be sure to check out her site.

We humans need to treat our canine friends better. Sign the petition at SPCA International to protest the dog meat industry. Better yet, leave a donation. This topic may be related to my upcoming dystopian horror novella, Dog Meat. Just sayin’.

After months without rain in this part of Texas, it poured, and the snakes came out. I see one almost everyday now. This little feller, a western hognose snake, curled up and pretended to be just another rock on the road:

Image of snake on the road.
Hognose snakes use their upturned noses to dig in the dirt for food.

Congratulations to Jacqui Murray. Natural Selection, the latest book in her prehistoric Dawn of Humanity series is up for pre-order and will be released October 20th.

Yay, me.:-) The fine folks at Blood Moon Rising Magazine accepted my story “The Witch in My Closet” for their 90th issue, due out January 2023. Think childhood nightmares gone berserk!

And finally, it’s almost the end of my 3rd quarter reads. I’m excited to post my one-sentence reviews in the not too distant future. For 4th quarter, I’d like to read a bunch of blogger buddies’ latest books, a personal 2023 reading celebration for the online writing community who have taught me so much and challenged me and entertained me. So if you’re an author and you’re reading this, by all means, post your latest book in the comments! (Any genre, I promise to be adventurous and read broadly!)

Today’s feature image is from The Free Birds on unsplash.

94 thoughts on “6 Non Sequiturs

    1. Last week when the hubster and I were on a walk, we saw a diamond back rattler. It had a black and white diamond design on its back like a Spanish tile mosaic. There were smaller black squares on the sides and a black and white striped tail. It was gorgeous! But we did NOT get very near for obvious reasons!

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming bookish features and releases!
    As for 4th quarter reads, the final book in The Possession Chronicles released this year, if you haven’t read RECKLESS REBELLION yet.
    Or MALEVOLENT HEARTS, the first book in The Malevolent Trilogy, released in July (along with the other two books.) More historical Southern Gothic family saga.

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  2. Congratulations on your upcoming publications. You’re little buddy is kinda cute and snakes scare me unless properly introduced by the owner who can vouch for the snake’s harmlessness. Looking forward to your one line book reviews.

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  3. Congrats on the acceptance of your story. If you wish to read a book for young folks (and those who have the heart of a young person) Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral will be released on September 13th.

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  4. Pretty snake. The only snake I don’t want to run into here is a rattlesnake. Congrats on your upcoming story in Blood Moon Rising! Thanks for sharing Jacqui’s preorder, I eagerly picked up a copy. I look forward to your October post, too.

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  5. Eesh! Snakes don’t really bother me, but one that size would freak me out!
    The Witch in my Closet sounds like a cool story. Can’t wait to hear more about that one as release day draws near.

    Um…Staci Troilo and I just released The Haunting of Chatham Hollow, but I think you know about that one 😉

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    1. Iseult! I just finished your novelette “The Toymaker” from the Chronicles of New Albion anthology. Your story made me laugh, smile, and cry. So much emotion from so few words, and such BEAUTIFUL snippets you snuck in there! Loved it!

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  6. Congratulations to having your story published and congratulations to Jacqui Murray on her new book. The first two books in the series are great. I donate to SPCA quite often and I will do so soon again. I wrote a dog book that came out in July. “The Life and Times of Bronco von der Löwenhöhle”. Stories and tips from thirteen years with a Leonberger. It’s about our funny, brave and very helpful Leonberger who past away two years ago, as well as information about the Leonberger breed, history, care, training, health, etc. The book is in color and full of photos and illustrations. I donate all royalties to one of my favorite charities, the Leonberger Health Foundation International. Their research help all large dog breeds.

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  7. I’m looking forward to reading the one-sentence reviews, Priscilla! You would think my wife and I living on the Main Street of a small town at the top of the Texas hill country we wouldn’t see snakes. I’m amazed at the number of rattlers that met their untimely demise with a pickup. Not good for the snakes but the deadly aim of those drivers have kept our neighbors’ dogs and cats safer!

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    1. True story: One time in La Porte, my dad and I were riding bicycles on a suburban street, not even thinking about snakes. He was in front of me and kind of chatting back at me when he ran over a fat rattlesnake about 5-6 feet long. That thing struck the top of his front tire, making it go flat. When I saw it happen, I didn’t have time to swerve, so I ran over it too, with my legs pulled up so high that my feet were next to my head! (The snake lived, surprisingly, and continued across the road as we headed back home on foot.)

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  8. Oh wow, how lovely to have another release on the horizon! Proud of you! Also, welcome to the Bad Moon Rising team! Teri’s such a great person and just as great a writer. Can’t wait to see what your answers were!

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  9. That snake looks dangerous! Is it? We only know about garter snakes here. We saw one curled up in our hose. Thanks for sharing other author news, too, Priscilla and congratulations on your story being published!

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    1. Hi Barbara! No, it’s a hognose snake. They’re pretty tame and even if they do strike at people, it’s usually with a closed mouth. Their venom is very mild. Not dangerous. Thanks re the congratulations.:-)


  10. Congrats on Bad Moon Rising and Blood Moon Rising! (there’s a theme going on). And that snake! I guess the rain is forcing them out of their homes? Or maybe they get excited for rain just like we do😁

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