An Interview and My First Dog Meat Review!

I was tickled pink to be interviewed by fellow author (and Bigfoot expert) Lionel Ray Green for his Fresh Blood series. Check it out!


I got my first review for my upcoming dystopian novella, Dog Meat! Pax on her YouTube channel enjoyed, um, had fun with, uh… maybe you should just see what she had to say in her review!

In other news, I just finished reading D. Wallace Peach’s fantasy The Necromancer’s Daughter (five stars!), and I’m currently reading the spooky The Haunting of Chatham Hollow by Mae Clair and Staci Troilo (super good so far!).

Comments are closed today in hopes that you’ll go visit Lionel’s website and Pax’s channel.

Today’s feature image is Jupiter and moon Io, captured by the hubster last week through his telescope. Isn’t it cool to see something 365 million miles away?!

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