Review No. 3: Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis — JF Kaufmann, Author

Priscilla Bettis’s novella is a fascinating journey into the blackness of totalitarian regime—a literary sublimation and a paradigm that we have seen before, from Romania between 1945 and 1989 and Stalin’s gulags to the crazy, murderous dictatorship of Pol Pot in Cambodia and the constant blasting of tenets from the public speakers on the streets […]

Review No. 3: Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis — JF Kaufmann, Author

I am thrilled by this wonderful review by the talented author JF Kaufmann over on her blog. Please pop over and give JF and her blog some love. (And you might want to pick up one of her books. I recently read Best Friends and Other Lovers, a naughty but intellectually substantive romance collection.)

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This quarter I’m reading books by authors I follow online.

Just finished: “The Shadow Stalker” by C. Le Mroch. One of the best ghostly short stories I’ve ever read because it feels like a true-life encounter.

Currently reading: A God for All Seasons by Cecilia Marie Pulliam. This anecdotal devotional is a joy to read, truly.

Thank you again, JF!

65 thoughts on “Review No. 3: Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis — JF Kaufmann, Author

    1. That ghost story surprised me. Mroch has a very active website, so she’s always writing nonfiction. I didn’t know she could write a fiction story, too! And thanks re the review, Olivia-Savannah!


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