Christmas Starry Sky and Interview

If you look at a starless, black spot in the night sky and take a picture of it through a telescope, you’ll get a black picture. But if you keep taking pictures of that same black spot, moving the telescope just a little each time (because the Earth is rotating, so the stars are moving across the sky), and then stack all the pictures together, the very faint light from light-YEARS away starts to add up, and an image forms. Today’s feature image is the Horsehead Nebula (the dark shape of a horse’s head). The horse appears to be looking at another nebula, NGC2023 (the gaseous bright area). The hubster took 151 eight-second pictures and stacked them together to get this image.

And in other news, the amazing Willow Croft interviewed me at Horror Tree. Horror Tree is a resource for horror authors providing links to open markets and fun stuff like that. If you’d like to know if I’m one of the 17 percent of Americans who have dropped their phone in the toilet, pop over and read the interview!

(p.s. Comments are closed for the holidays.)

Have a joyful Christmas, happy rest of Hanukkah, and peaceful celebration for whatever holiday you observe!

Toilet stats: