Going Quiet

Brace yourself. This post is going to be a little different. (Big breath.) Here we go…

After decades coasting along as a lukewarm Christian, and after a few more years of writing in the horror genre,* I experienced a series of events that can only be described as epiphanic… in the God sense, I mean, not the light bulb sense, though that also applies.

I mean seriously, folks, I wish I had always known to keep my eyes and ears open to God’s messages!

Image of a neon sign that says, "This is the sign you've been looking for."
What was I waiting for, a sign in lights?

So now I’m writing in a new genre, the faith-inspired cozy mystery. My first mystery is out on submission right now! It’s a little daunting to start over with a new genre and a new pen name, but it’s all very exciting, too.

So what’s your new pen name, Priscilla?

Vera Day

Those who know me IRL will recognize the sentimentality of that pen name. Besides, it’s easy to spell.:-)

But what about blogging?

I started a new blog, a Christian fiction review blog, and I coerced bribed… Actually, four other Christian authors, all of them very talented, very intelligent, and very kind, VOLUNTEERED to jump on board. (Yay!)

So priscillabettisauthor.com will go quiet. I hope those of you who read Christian fiction or who are just curious join us at The Well Read Fish for a new review posted each Wednesday, starting today!

p.s. And I’d love it if you said hello on Twitter! @VeraDayAuthor

*That’s not to say people of faith can’t write in other genres. Ron Kelly, for example, is a born-again Christian and writes terrifying dark fantasy. Rami Ungar is a practicing Jew and writes disturbing horror stories. Michaelbrent Collings is a devout Morman and writes gory thrillers. Regina Saint Claire is a practicing Catholic and writes steamy and often brutal Gothic stories.

Image of neon light sign by Austin Chan on unsplash.

102 thoughts on “Going Quiet

  1. Congratulations and all the best Priscilla! It’s a big change, and while I don’t normally read cosy mysteries, I would read anything you write so I am looking forward to it! Best of luck with the book, looking forward to hearing how it goes. Will definitely follow your new blog and see you on twitter, Vera!

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  2. Wow! So interesting to hear of the change of blogs and writing styles. I’ll definitely check out your new one. Best wishes for the book deal, and for all future writing projects going forward. πŸ™‚

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  3. WOW! Priscilla…this is inspiring! Your faith has shined through in so much of what you write already…be it your fiction or comments on other people’s blogs and has definitely glimmered in your blog posts here. I wish you nothing but the very best in your new endeavor. You will no doubt rock it no matter what genre you decide to pursue! Looking forward to seeing your success continue!

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    1. Thank you, Teri, that’s encouraging.:-) My fave cozy mystery is The Teacup Conspiracy by Jackie Zack. I don’t know why I like it because it’s rather sappy. But the mystery is so, so good. I just read The Black Rose Murders by Jane Kalmes. It’s her debut 1920s cozy (that’s a TAD violent for a cozy), and her prose is so engaging. I can’t wait for her next book!

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  4. Congratulations, Priscilla! God always knocks on my door when I get distant. My faith is still strong but I don’t go to church every week. Best wishes on your new adventure, dear Vera! You have a strong review team!

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