Short Story Accepted!

Yay, my contemporary short story, “Lucretia’s Hum,” was accepted into Rayne Hall’s upcoming Gothic anthology! Woohoo! Hall is a talented short story author, particularly quiet horror and Gothic horror, and I’m stoked that she liked “Lucretia’s Hum.” Stoked isn’t very Gothic. Let's see . . . I’m chuffed to be accepted into Hall’s anthology.:-) Lucretia … Continue reading Short Story Accepted!

August’s Shakespeare-Themed Reading Challenge: What Bill Taught Me

I participated in the “All the World’s a Page” Shakespeare-themed reading challenge and learned four writing concepts I can apply to my own stories. BAND OF BROTHERS. Read a book with multiple points of view or an ensemble cast.I read The Faulkes Chronicles by David Huddle. I learned that a plural first person narrator works … Continue reading August’s Shakespeare-Themed Reading Challenge: What Bill Taught Me

A Shakespearean August

I am participating in the All the World’s a Page read-a-thon. (All the World’s a “Page” hahaha!) I heard about this Shakespeare-themed August read-a-thon through one of my favorite YouTubers, Olivia-Savannah. (Her link and others below.) Seriously, Olivia-Savannah is brilliant (she speaks and reads THREE languages), and she's much wiser beyond her twenty-something years. Her … Continue reading A Shakespearean August