How to Write a Helpful Book Review* (with 2 examples)

*When you're not a professional reviewer. Out of 62-plus million reviewers on Amazon, I’m ranked 5958th. That puts me in the top 0.000096 of all reviewers. For every review, I have more than double the amount of “helpful” votes. So I feel confident in writing this post.:-) An easy formula I use the same format … Continue reading How to Write a Helpful Book Review* (with 2 examples)

December To-Do’s for Writers

What can writers do in that awkward, unbalanced writing time between mid December and the New Year? I’ve got 22 fun ideas! Update your email signature to link to your website.Read a book totally outside your genre.Stay up way past your bedtime and observe the winter (for those in the northern hemisphere) starry sky. Often … Continue reading December To-Do’s for Writers