An Excerpt, and a Celebration!

My upcoming novella, Dog Meat, is set in the 1980s in a made-up country (the "Colony"), but the following scene happened to real-life family friends of ours (now American citizens). Ward is a little boy at home with his family. His mother and father (“Patro”) are intellectuals, and Revolution soldiers think intellectuals are dangerous. The … Continue reading An Excerpt, and a Celebration!

One-Sentence Reviews: My 3rd Quarter 2022 Reads

Can she do it? Can Priscilla write 33 reviews using only one sentence each? Let’s find out! Plotting for Murder by Tamra Baumann is your typical, cute cozy mystery, this time with a love story included, awww. KU. The Box by Scott J Couturier combines contemplative passages with science fiction and horror to produce a … Continue reading One-Sentence Reviews: My 3rd Quarter 2022 Reads