A Week of Halloween Haikus

I wrote a Halloween haiku every day for a week in anticipation of the haunty holiday. 7 autumn dewy websilken silver labyrinthtiny fangs tarry 6 fall weather welcomesdelicate chills like icyfingers on your neck 5 October howlingwinds strum bare willow brancheswerewolves howling too 4 ruby hourglassnestles moonlit poisonous pearlsa hundred eggs stir 3 dead, curled … Continue reading A Week of Halloween Haikus

History of Her Future, a graphic novel review

I don’t know what I was expecting. Superheroes maybe, but what I got was something entirely different. I finally read a graphic novel, and I LOVED it! History of Her Future, by Ron Falzone and illustrated by Julian Grant, is a dark, heart-rending graphic novel and a fictionalized account of Lizzie Borden’s life after acquittal. … Continue reading History of Her Future, a graphic novel review