It’s Release Day for “The Hay Bale”!

It's release day for my new novelette, “The Hay Bale"! A little background: In 2020 my daughter suffered a miscarriage. She got pregnant again, but that pregnancy also ended with a miscarriage. The second one was particularly difficult to manage emotionally. And I’m talking my emotions. What was she going though? Both she and her … Continue reading It’s Release Day for “The Hay Bale”!

Among the Headstones Author Interview: Kyla Lee Ward

Welcome to day two of my interview trilogy for the upcoming Gothic anthology, Among the Headstones: Creepy Tales from the Graveyard, edited by the wonderful Rayne Hall. Full details about the haunting anthology are provided at the end of the interview. But now, let’s chat with award-winning author Kyla Lee Ward. How do you feel … Continue reading Among the Headstones Author Interview: Kyla Lee Ward

Short Story Accepted!

Yay, my contemporary short story, “Lucretia’s Hum,” was accepted into Rayne Hall’s upcoming Gothic anthology! Woohoo! Hall is a talented short story author, particularly quiet horror and Gothic horror, and I’m stoked that she liked “Lucretia’s Hum.” Stoked isn’t very Gothic. Let's see . . . I’m chuffed to be accepted into Hall’s anthology.:-) Lucretia … Continue reading Short Story Accepted!