Author Scott J. Couturier, The Box

Hello peeps! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Scott J. Couturier, author of The Box, sixteen twisted tales to infect your psyche. Describe your ideal reader. Couturier: Anybody who enjoys Weird fiction, & moreover who appreciates being challenged by a read. I hope LGBTQ+ readers especially will find something of value. The futuristic story … Continue reading Author Scott J. Couturier, The Box

The Western

Have you noticed all the Westerns lately? They’re sneaking into all sorts of genres. Here’s a sampling: Western Cosmic Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s “Wish Bones“ in Dead Stars and Stone Arches: A Collection of Utah Horror ed by C.R. Langille Schoonover with her sophisticated plots and character insight has become an auto-buy author for me. … Continue reading The Western

One-Sentence Reviews: My 2nd Quarter 2022 Reads

This quarter includes stories about Bigfoot, Vikings, amateur sleuths, and Gothic ghosts! The Devil Took Her by Michael Botur is a gritty and compelling collection of horror short stories with subjects like gangs and rats rather than werewolves and specters. Kindle. Autumn Gothic by Brian Bowyer. Despite the title, my favorite Bowyer book yet is … Continue reading One-Sentence Reviews: My 2nd Quarter 2022 Reads